Blahs This Morning

I finally got my car back from the bodyshop so yesterday I drove to work. I was the first car in the intersection and was on the third lane just waiting for the light to turn green and when it did, I started moving. The vehicle next to me on the left turn lane started going to my lane to go straight instead as if I was not there. Thank God, I was naturally slow to accelerate so I didn’t hit her but she kept going and almost hit me so I honked at her.

The vehicle then in front of me was unnaturally slow so I moved to the middle lane. I saw that it was an elderly couple so I thought not to say anything – give them a break. Boy, was I in for a big surprise! The lady driver who seemed to be in her early sixties, rolled down her window and started screaming at me and just kept calling me a “brown, stupid bitch!”

I was flabbergasted how someone who was clearly at fault had the audacity to yell at me and what the hell was this color thing? This is freaking California!!! I am not going to lie, I did yell back and told her to bring her stupid ass back to Arizona (she had Arizona plates). She kept chasing after me and screaming how I was a stupid bitch (yes, no more color) for another three lights until I just decided to move to the 1st lane to get away from her abuse. The man next to her couldn’t look at me and looked miserable next to her so I just told myself to move away.

And because I didn’t like to be called names by crazy drivers and I hated sitting for two hours in traffic, I am back to public commuting. Maybe I’ll do this 2-3x a week. Plus, I need to walk sometimes.


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