About The Blogger

 “I love.  I hate.  I am an extremist.  I am capable of feeling a whirlwind of emotions in the blink of an eye.  I fancy wearing my angel wings with my goody two shoes but I am without my halo, most of the time.”

Her friends, family, and acquaintances call her different names – Iel, Eliza, Leigh, or Liz.  But by whatever name she is called, they know her as that seemingly quiet yet crazy lawyer-wannabe now based in Los Angeles.

She loves to read, listen to audiobooks, write random thoughts, and blog about anything she feels strongly or silly about.  She likes to be skinny but likes to eat even more. She can’t last a work day without a good cup of coffee.

To see the world is something she wants to do every opportunity she gets and she always says that she can live in any place as long as there is a movie theater or a coffee shop nearby with free wi-fi.  She can spend one whole day with her favorite people talking about anything from politics, love, movies, music, literature, social media, food, and everything else in between.

She hates heavy traffic and the only thing that keeps her sane in LA  is singing her favorite songs and K-pop to her imaginary audience while driving. No, she doesn’t speak Korean at all!  Her favorite thing to do, when she has the luxury of time is to watch re-runs of her favorite tv shows and Korean drama, write in her journal, update her blog, and read and spend time with her kids.

Oh, and she needs to go to rehab to minimize her addiction to her smartphone!


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