Photos are great but not when it makes you sad because of all the great memories that you know will just remain memories.  I know nobody knows the future but if one has little faith that things will work out, it makes the other feel as hopeless.

So for now, I removed these photos from my desk, wall and computer. Maybe one day I will be able to look at them without feeling this incredible sadness and I will be alright. 



So how do you piece back together parts of your broken spirit?  It seems like there is no way.

I have never experienced this kind of pain before where it feels like it isn’t just your heart that’s broken but also your whole being and even your soul.  And to some point, I know that is also how he feels, like a broken toy.

Every inch of me wants to give up yet I don’t know if I can live with myself knowing I just walked away without a fight.  😦

Quote on the Wall

Today is one of those days when in the middle of finalizing my notes for one of the subjects, I suddenly feel anxious and panicky.  Reading essays and being able to spot the issues is good but sometimes I still cannot for the life of me, structure what I want to say.  The feeling on unpreparedness creeps up and before I know it, I will be questioning my choices in life and career. 

So I decide to pause and take a break from it all. That’s when I see the big poster on the wall that says POUR YOUR HEART INTO IT – a simple message that seems to be speaking right at me. I know that whatever happens, at least I know, that I poured, I am pouring all of my heart into it…