Happy New Decade

As the first day of 2020 starts, I reflect on the decade that has just ended. It has been a whole 10 years since my son and I moved to California and it has been one memorable journey.

I met and married my hubby, gained a daughter, built our blended family, added more people in my inner circle, bought our first house, developed quality friendships, made many acquaintances and found my place in the world.

There were also lost friendships, failed endeavors, family drama and other struggles but I am thankful for it all because it made me the person I am now – someone I know my family is proud of.

Thank you to my family, friends and everyone who has been in my life the last ten years – each of you were instrumental to my growth and strength. Thank you for touching my life whether in big or small ways.

Here’s to a more beautiful, blessed and blissful new decade. 💕


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