Dearest Marcos

I still remember the day we've met - Orientation for LLM students back in 2014. You wore a friendly face and had a good natured character that I was immediately drawn to you. You became my very first friend in Loyola. Going to graduate school after 8 years of never touching a single text book … Continue reading Dearest Marcos


The Year That Was Fabulous!

For some weird reason, I thought I was turning 38 this year!  It was either a crazy reminder that I am aging or I am simply bad at math.  Anyway, I sat down today to reflect on the year that just passed and list down events, thoughts, lessons, people and random things that made it … Continue reading The Year That Was Fabulous!

The Note On The Wall

I had the strangest dream last night.  I woke up feeling a mixture of nostalgia, sadness and confusion.  This was the second time I dreamed of my childhood friend, Jonathan.  I couldn't even remember what my dream was all about except that I was at the back alley of our house in Mandaluyong.  There were so … Continue reading The Note On The Wall