The Year That Was Fabulous!

For some weird reason, I thought I was turning 38 this year!  It was either a crazy reminder that I am aging or I am simply bad at math.  Anyway, I sat down today to reflect on the year that just passed and list down events, thoughts, lessons, people and random things that made it different.  In summary, the last year felt like a big roller coaster ride with its highs, lows and plateaus.   There were moments when life was beautiful and times when it was ugly and bitter but I survived.  I am blessed no matter how difficult this year started and despite the random blows.  I look around me and will always understand how my problems are nothing compared to what others are going through.  Below is a list of things that made my 35th year on earth fabulous:

Education – Nine years since I got my law degree, I went back to school to get my Master’s Degree in law.  It was an entirely strange feeling being in a class full of twenty somethings and having to read tons of materials for classes the next day.  Having to do it while working was even tougher.  I thought it was the longest two semesters of my life but I finished it and graduated last May.


My LLM Squad

Health & Fitness – For the first time in my life, I actually joined and been inside a real gym.  The first time I was on the treadmill, I actually enjoyed it though it was hard but being on the Cardio Jam class was a totally different story.  After 15 minutes of non-stop cardio, I thought I was going to die right then and there.  It was exhausting but it felt amazing.  It felt good that I actually took the first step in an effort to be a little bit healthier.  I also tried counting calories and it did lead to losing 12 unwanted pounds.

Hiking is good for your health.

Bar Exam – The California Bar Exam has the reputation of being the most difficult exam in the US and after finally qualifying to sit for it, it became one of the scariest thing I had to face.  I thought I would throw up on the first day of the 3-day marathon.  My friends and I were a bit early and just as the seconds ticked by, my anxiety rose tremendously and I just felt sick.  At lunch time, I just wanted to leave but I didn’t.  I finished the exam and that in itself was something I would always be proud of no matter what the results be.IMG_1859[1]


Why was I the only one who looked exhausted after a 3-day marathon?

Friends and Family – This year, I made new friends who have given me a fresh insight about myself that I didn’t know before and I’m still proud to have kept my old friends who are just like wine – they get better as time passes.  This year also reminded me of how important family is and just knowing that mine will always be there in my highs and lows is a blessing in itself.   I have family and friends who have always been there for me no matter the distance, proximity or even time difference.


Reisz in School – My son, with very little or no supervision at all from myself is still excelling in his class.  I am so grateful that God has given me a son like him.  He is a good and smart boy and I can’t ask for more except for God to continue to guide him, keep him healthy and strong and guide him as he becomes a young man.

Concerts – I’ve seen two concerts this year!!! I’ve seen Maroon 5 for the second time and experienced it with my husband and my friend, Nanda.  It was absolutely fun being in the same place as Adam Levine!  I also crossed off another thing in my bucket list which was to hear Josh Groban live!  It was a great experience that I got to share with my mom.IMG_0496[1]IMG_2864[1]

Book Club – This year, I rekindled my love affair with books.  I always thought it was a luxury I couldn’t afford because I was always busy.  Being invited to join a private book club was a blessing because I get to spend a night enjoying my favorite things – good conversations with a diverse group of girls, books, wine and cheese.


My friend who invited me took this picture so kudos to Katie!

Marriage – This year has been difficult and I won’t go into details but somehow, some way, Stephen and I emerged and survived.  Each of us a stronger and better person than we were.  We hopefully made right choices BUT at the same time, if they were wrong, I know we (as a couple and/or as individuals) will continue to thrive.


We work hard and party harder!

The last months have made me realize how strong I am despite the setbacks that I encountered in my journey.  This year I plan to have a fabulous life as a 36-year-old woman who knows what she wants and is ready for a new adventure… ❤


New hair – Short hair, dont care!


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