It’s A Yes

Since you are being nosy about things that don't concern you, let me tell you this - the answer to your question is YES, your ex-husband is still in love with me.  I don't know what has made you all interested all of a sudden but really, it is none of your business.

Little Earthquakes

He has broken her heart a few minutes ago and now, it just won't stop pounding, like little earthquakes from her chest coming from the fragile, broken pieces.  And as she drives along the 134 West, her thoughts swarm with memories she just wants to forget - how he holds her hand, how he compliments … Continue reading Little Earthquakes


Still With You

Someone has given this song to me and each time I hear it, it feels like my heart is somehow breaking.  Why can't people love each other with the same intensity at the same time? Life is cruel.  You love someone but he does not love you the way you feel you deserve to be loved. When … Continue reading Still With You