He was still waiting by the phone. His dad promised to call at 3 pm today. Three hours already passed and the phone had not rang.  I tried not to look at him because I knew that his eyes would reveal the disappointment, the pain. He didn't want to look me in the eye either. … Continue reading Disappointment


Coffee and Crackers

She was quietly laying down on the couch when I came in.  I closed the door ever so quietly, wanting to just give her a kiss on the forehead and leave but she heard it anyway.  Her eyes lit up when she saw me and she stood up and gave me a tight embrace.  Her … Continue reading Coffee and Crackers

At Last It Was Evening…

At last it was evening and I was finally out the door. I was running as fast as my feet could run, forgetting the coldness that enveloped my entire being. My mind and pulse were racing against each other. I tripped and small stones cut my palms but it didn't hurt. My lip hurt more … Continue reading At Last It Was Evening…