Photos are great but not when it makes you sad because of all the great memories that you know will just remain memories.  I know nobody knows the future but if one has little faith that things will work out, it makes the other feel as hopeless. So for now, I removed these photos from … Continue reading Photos



So how do you piece back together parts of your broken spirit?  It seems like there is no way. I have never experienced this kind of pain before where it feels like it isn't just your heart that's broken but also your whole being and even your soul.  And to some point, I know that … Continue reading Separated

The Note On The Wall

I had the strangest dream last night.  I woke up feeling a mixture of nostalgia, sadness and confusion.  This was the second time I dreamed of my childhood friend, Jonathan.  I couldn't even remember what my dream was all about except that I was at the back alley of our house in Mandaluyong.  There were so … Continue reading The Note On The Wall