Hello, Love, Goodbye

“Puta! College graduate ako pero ano ang ginagawa ko, naglilinis ng inodoro.” ~ Joy (Loose Translation - Fuck! I have a college degree but what am I doing now - cleaning the toilet.” Hello, Love, Goodbye follows the plight of oversees Filipino workers in Hongkong focusing on Joy and Ethan’s stories. Joy was a registered … Continue reading Hello, Love, Goodbye


Singing – I So Hate My Job Right Now

This afternoon, I shredded 6 reams of short bond paper containing sensitive client information.  I did this because our admin manager, who happened to be the wife of the owner, was too much of a diva to do some of it.  Those 6 reams of paper were only about 1/5 of everything that should be … Continue reading Singing – I So Hate My Job Right Now