The Mansion

Last night, I was laying down with my son, Reisz, waiting for him to fall asleep.  He wouldn't.  He told me that he wanted to have a mansion when he grows up - a mansion with hundreds of room so he can have all his family and friends live there with him.  He said I … Continue reading The Mansion


My Christmas Blessings

Amidst all the struggles we are going through right now, this is really something that reminds me how blessed I am. 1. This morning, I heard Ed Sheeran's new song, Thinking Out Loud with the following lyrics: When your legs don't work like they used to before And I can't sweep you off of your … Continue reading My Christmas Blessings


He was still waiting by the phone. His dad promised to call at 3 pm today. Three hours already passed and the phone had not rang.  I tried not to look at him because I knew that his eyes would reveal the disappointment, the pain. He didn't want to look me in the eye either. … Continue reading Disappointment