His Mom’s Birthday

tomorrow is my honey’s mom’s birthday but we celebrated today. i and kate (his older bro’s gf) were the only ones outside the immediate family circle. it was pretty touching, felt like i was part of the family.

we ate at this chinese restaurant in binondo. the food was nice but the service was below zero. it ruined tita’s day. imagine, we arrived before 12 noon but the food was served somewhere between 1 and 2 pm. everyone was so hungry by the time the viands were served and the worst was they served it one by one with the interval of about 15 minutes. when we were finished, there was even one order that hasn’t arrived.

we (my honey, his bro, kates and i) went to greenbelt afterwards. stayed there for a while.

we ended our sunday by going to basilica. sorry, it’s not a church. it’s a sing-along bar where people volunteer to sing in front of an audience. sounds good? well, if you have guts, it is because before you sing, around 3 – 4 gay performers/hosts would humiliate you to death but that’s all in the spirit of fun. i never sing in those kinds of bars, even when my aunts raquel & lhoy offered me 0 to do it. i can’t, i’m just gutless when it comes to humiliating myself in public. i’m just there for the music, the sizzling squid, the gay host im crushing on – clifford and the laughter.

anyway, we had a good laugh and my sunday was complete.


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