About Time


As the title suggests, this movie is about time – how it unfolds, passes, flies and how each minute, each second means something. The main protagonist is the awkward, dorky, 21 year old, Tim who finds out that the men in their family can travel time. He then moves to London to become a lawyer and decides to use this time travelling ability to find hinself a girl friend. He meets beautiful yet insecure, Mary, in An unconventional dinner and that’s where their story begins.

 There are so many interesting facets to the movie that I don’t even know where to begin. I will start with the characters. Richard Curtis (creator of Love Actually and Notting Hill), juxtoposes a motley hues of characters that it is very hard to choose my favorite. Aside from the “Ron Weasley-looking” Tim, Mary is quite a character too. She is someone a lot of women can relate to – with her insecurity, good nature, light sense of humor and sensible sexuality. Tim’s sister, Charlotte, shows how a person’s blissful innocence can slowly turn into blind despair by being with the wrong people. The playwright, Harry is one of the characters that is hard to ignore. He is angry, sarcastic and funny in his own depressing way and it is so hard not to get drawn to him. Tim’s mother seems like a dead stick but in crucial moments show inner strength, deep love and good judgment. However, my most favorite character is Tim’s dad with his adorable English accent and old soul demeanor. He is a wise man who loves his son, a character that I’ve learned a thing or two from.

The movie is not only about Tim and Mary’s relationship but surprisingly, it is also about father and son.  It shows us in a fantastical yet very relatable way, to savor each moment that we have with our spouse, our family and more importantly our parents.

I will stop writing now because I am afraid of spoiling the movie for people who are planning to watch it.  

… To be continued when the movie is actually in theaters.



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