Text Message – 07.08.14

I love you and it was really amazing talking to you yesterday.  I feel like I’m getting to know you all over again and that you are showing me a side and history to you that I have not been privileged to before.  You are actually showing me your vulnerability.  And even being your husband for two years hasn’t granted me that view before.  Thank you for trusting me.

On Sunday, we visited his sister and our newborn nephew who was in the Natal ICU in Bakersfield Memorial.  When we were driving back to Glendale yesterday, we were talking about how difficult her pregnancy had been and somehow, my pregnancy with Reisz became a topic.  Stephen knew that I had difficulties too – physically but more emotionally but I never really talked about it that much.  Yesterday, I told him some of the traumatizing events in my life during such time and he promised that when the time comes that “we got pregnant,” it will be a totally different experience for me.  Today, he sent me the sweetest text message.


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