Eleven Years Later

  Eleven years ago, this little boy came into my world and completely changed my life. My dreams suddenly were no longer for myself but for the two of us. My life revolved around him and how I could make his world better. I became less selfish and more understanding of others and it was all because of him. His existence made me want to be a better person so someday he will be proud of me. In all essence, he was my first true love, the one who made me realized that unconditional love existed. Happiest birthday, my dear boy! May God bless you and protect you always. Mommy will always be here for you (even when you are all grown and no longer want to hold my hand in public). I love you with all my being. 😍


Because it’s your birthday, I am allowed in the kitchen and made your favorite breakfast.  



He actually liked it!!! 😊


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