It takes only some time to completely undress me. With you, I am naked even with my clothes on. For you can see into my eyes, right through the depths of my very existence. But like waves rushing to the shore only to return to the oceans where they belong, you touch my bareness for … Continue reading Waves


At Last It Was Evening…

At last it was evening and I was finally out the door. I was running as fast as my feet could run, forgetting the coldness that enveloped my entire being. My mind and pulse were racing against each other. I tripped and small stones cut my palms but it didn't hurt. My lip hurt more … Continue reading At Last It Was Evening…

Starting Over Again – A Review

[SPOILER ALERT - Please do not continue reading if you have plans to watch the movie] I recently watched a Filipino movie at the Century 8 in North Hollywood and it was far from perfect but I loved it nevertheless. Starting Over Again starred dramatic Filipino actor, Piolo Pascual and comedienne, Toni Gonzaga. I was … Continue reading Starting Over Again – A Review