It takes only some time
to completely undress me.
With you,
I am naked
even with my clothes on.
For you can see into my eyes,
right through the depths
of my very existence.

But like waves
rushing to the shore
only to return to the oceans
where they belong,
you touch my bareness
for the briefest moment.
Yet the waters
linger along
with the miniscule gems
pressed against me,
leaving little markings
on my skin.

But I blame you not.
It is but natural
for waves to return home.
I can only wish
that I am part
of the sole entity
that you are,
like foams to the sea.

even when I no longer walk on sand
and the sun doesn’t kiss my hair,
my dance with the waves
will remain instilled in my mind
and always indelibly marked
is my heart.

***Found this poem in an old journal.  I penned this sometime in 2001.  Inspired by a boy I met who seemed to know me like we’ve known each other forever…


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