I Capture The Castle

We read I Capture The Castle for Book Club this month and I completely fell in love with it.  It was a coming-of-age story written in the eyes and voice of the main heroine, Cassandra. This book was published in the late 1940s and set between the wars.  It had a Pride & Prejudice feel at the beginning yet would steer its own path as the story unfolded.

What I love about this book was the consistency of the tone and progression of the characters. Cassandra and her family developed and matured right before my eyes.  Their eccentricities and unique traits were also in line with their reactions and decisions towards the middle and end of the story.  There was also no shortage of interesting characters in this book – from the witty yet consciously naive, Cassandra, her very strange father, her stepmother with an intermittent sense of humor, her secretive and almost vile sister, her smart and funny younger brother down to the handsome and loyal servant, etc. 

The author’s writing was also very fascinating.  It was not just seeing but also feeling Cassandra’s life – the castle, her struggles, her poverty, her dreams. In the three days I spent reading it, I felt like I walked her life and also had some nostalgic feeling about my own life when I was seventeen. Though it was of a totally different culture, the emotional struggles (relationship-wise) of a teenager was universal. 

The ending was how I thought it should be.  Each conclusion was a product of each person’s growth – again very consistent. I’d prolly re-read this in the future and see if like any great books, I’d discover new things. 


I can’t wait for the next book club meeting. πŸ™‚


Quote on the Wall

Today is one of those days when in the middle of finalizing my notes for one of the subjects, I suddenly feel anxious and panicky.  Reading essays and being able to spot the issues is good but sometimes I still cannot for the life of me, structure what I want to say.  The feeling on unpreparedness creeps up and before I know it, I will be questioning my choices in life and career. 

So I decide to pause and take a break from it all. That’s when I see the big poster on the wall that says POUR YOUR HEART INTO IT – a simple message that seems to be speaking right at me. I know that whatever happens, at least I know, that I poured, I am pouring all of my heart into it…



As I have been doing the past weeks, I go to Starbucks to study. The people around keep me from falling asleep especially when the video lectures are long, tedious and boring. 

I usually sit on the shared desk so I would have more space. Today was no different – I got my drink, turned on my Macbook, placed my materials, chargers and earphones on the desk… I checked my emails first before I would start watching the lecture. 

As I was doing this, I could just feel a pair of eyes on me and just like the other week (the weeping guy), there was a guy sitting about 2 feet away from me who was glancing at me every 5 secs. He would glance at me then look down on his notepad, write something then back to glancing me. I was feeling self-conscious when this went on for 10 minutes because I could see him from my peripheral vision. Finally, I turned sideways and looked quickly and realized that he was sketching my face and the notepad was actually a sketch pad and he had drawing pencils on the desk. I saw that he already drew my face, my hair (my bangs!)… It was weird in a way. 

My friend said that I should look back at this guy and sketch his face too just to throw him off. LOL. Yeah, I’d do that and he’d see my stick figures of a drawing.  Anyway, after about another 10 minutes, I saw him sign his sketch.  He then stood up, looked at me and gave me a huge, friendly smile.  I gave him what prolly was an awkward style then he tucked his sketch book with my face under his arm and left.