An Early Tuesday Morning in DTLA

My car has been with the mechanic for almost two weeks now so I have been using public transportation to and from work. I must say it is interesting to see, smell, feel different things everyday.


This early Tuesday morning, I passed by this pair of pink shoes as I walked from the train to the bus stations. I couldn’t help but wonder whether Cinderella got so drunk last night, she forgot both her shoes! And her gym bag. And she couldn’t throw her cigarette butt in the nearby trash bin. I hoped she was not kidnapped by some nasty prince though and instead she passed out somewhere safe.

I continued my walk and stopped to take this photo:

I was still figuring out which museum was showing this exhibit when a man stopped by my side and said, “Can I just say you’re beautiful?” I smiled, awkwardly for sure and was about to say thank you when he added, “and it’s been a while since I said that to a woman.” That time, I quickly said my thank you while wondering if he had said it to a man instead. The photo may have influenced my thoughts unintentionally.

I started walking away but he kept on talking and guessing that I must be Filipina or Thai and continuing how he liked Filipinas because of their beauty and sense of humor. Hmmm, I made a mental note to remind my husband of these two traits I supposedly have. 🙂

He then proudly told me that he knew of some Filipino words – “Kamusta ka, maganda?” which translates to “How are you, beautiful.” I complimented his pronunciation and again started to walk away. He told me to have a good day and when I was prolly about 5 feet away, he called to say he remembered another Filipino word and yelled, “gago!”

Yes, this guy just yelled the word, “asshole!” Hilarious! I gave him a thumbs up and finally crossed the street to catch my bus.


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