A Walk in the City

When I moved to California a decade ago, I remember seeing Downtown LA from the car coming from the airport and then thinking to myself - “This is their business district? Wow, ours is waaaaaaay better!” The buildings were small and since it’s the US of A, I was expecting better than where I came … Continue reading A Walk in the City


An Early Tuesday Morning in DTLA

My car has been with the mechanic for almost two weeks now so I have been using public transportation to and from work. I must say it is interesting to see, smell, feel different things everyday. ***** This early Tuesday morning, I passed by this pair of pink shoes as I walked from the train … Continue reading An Early Tuesday Morning in DTLA

Still With You

Someone has given this song to me and each time I hear it, it feels like my heart is somehow breaking.  Why can't people love each other with the same intensity at the same time? Life is cruel.  You love someone but he does not love you the way you feel you deserve to be loved. When … Continue reading Still With You