Dearest Marcos

I still remember the day we've met - Orientation for LLM students back in 2014. You wore a friendly face and had a good natured character that I was immediately drawn to you. You became my very first friend in Loyola. Going to graduate school after 8 years of never touching a single text book … Continue reading Dearest Marcos

Last In Line

She looked at her reflection on the mirror. The gown was perfect with its intricately sewn beads and low back cut. This would have been perfect for Sahar's wedding, if only she could attend. She RSVPd but her husband couldn't go with her. She'd rather stay home than to go alone. She wanted to wear … Continue reading Last In Line

A Not So Good Day’s Blah

My day is just not doing so well. The distance that separates us is just driving me crazy.  The days of waiting for a possible job is boring the hell out of me.  At night, I sleep with lost thoughts in my head.  Just like now, I am about to go to bed feeling all … Continue reading A Not So Good Day’s Blah