Last In Line

She looked at her reflection on the mirror. The gown was perfect with its intricately sewn beads and low back cut. This would have been perfect for Sahar’s wedding, if only she could attend. She RSVPd but her husband couldn’t go with her. She’d rather stay home than to go alone. She wanted to wear this gown and be beautiful for him. However, it was his daughter’s weekend and they couldn’t find a baby sitter. His ex-wife wouldn’t exchange weekends so it was either they pick her up or he would lose that weekend. It frustrated her but there was no way he would lose out on time with his daughter. She understood responsibility but she couldn’t help but feel that she was always the last in the line, that she would always have to wait. To top this all, she would always feel guilty for feeling this way – like she didn’t have the right to feel bad, for wanting to do things together. She looked back at her reflection and sadness was staring back at her.


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