Reiszn’s First Camping Trip

My son is becoming a young man and is now getting a little embarassed about me taking too many pictures.  Like this morning, I brought him to school and while waiting for the teachers to allow everyone to board the school bus, he wouldn't let me take his photos. Hence, the frowning selfie and the … Continue reading Reiszn’s First Camping Trip


The Walking Dead Season 3 Ep 4

I've just finished watching Season 3 Episode 4 of this popular TV series and my eyes are now swollen. My heart is broken. That may be overly dramatic but I swear it feels like it. I've seen a mother die for the baby inside her to live. I've seen her 10, 11 or maybe 12 … Continue reading The Walking Dead Season 3 Ep 4

Why My Mom Is The Best

::because she makes you feel like you have something good within that nobody can take away ::because she makes the best pancakes in the whole wide world ::because me and all my other siblings are her favorites ::because she supports all the things i do without exaggerating my capacity ::because she is our (my siblings … Continue reading Why My Mom Is The Best