The Walking Dead Season 3 Ep 4

I’ve just finished watching Season 3 Episode 4 of this popular TV series and my eyes are now swollen. My heart is broken. That may be overly dramatic but I swear it feels like it.

I’ve seen a mother die for the baby inside her to live. I’ve seen her 10, 11 or maybe 12 year old son watch as she dies. That same kid puts a bullet to her head when she starts to turn. I’ve seen the husband weep and collapse upon realization that his wife has passed away. There was so much grief in a few minutes. My eyes were swollen in a few minutes.

I thought to myself, being a mother was just different for each. She died for her baby to live. But if it were me, I would make sure not to get pregnant in the first place. The world was already a horrible place and to bring a baby in that kind of world would be horrible, even cruel. Having a son of my own, I couldn’t imagine leaving him in a zombie-infested planet by himself even when his dad could protect him.

Anyway, that was television. I just can’t wait for the next episode. 🙂



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