Heaven’s Tears

I looked up and the sky was gray. Perhaps, for today, the blue was in my heart. Goodbye, you whispered as I walked away. You thought the quietness will lessen the pain. I refused to weep so the heavens did for me. The tears flooded my own despair.  **** Found this in an old journal. … Continue reading Heaven’s Tears


Of Memories And Illusion

Of Memories and Illusions - An Excerpt   Today, Mika had an awakening of some sort.  It was triggered by a conversation she had this morning with her mother and then further stirred by an unexpected drive down Fairfax Avenue. Memories She walked a block of this street a long time ago and remembered how bad that … Continue reading Of Memories And Illusion

Sweet Sorrow

You know that feeling when you love someone and you'll be happy if he is happy even if that means he'll be with someone else?  That's how I feel everytime I hear this (K-pop) song - like a sadness blossoming into something beautiful.  I have not loved someone like that yet.  Someone I love so … Continue reading Sweet Sorrow