I think I'll be brave Starting with you But I'll fall away if you tell me to I'd rather be wrong Then hope that I'm right 'Cause I can't go on with this all inside  I think I'll be brave And say how I've wanted you  Going around inside my head Trying to talk me … Continue reading Brave

Sweet Sorrow

You know that feeling when you love someone and you'll be happy if he is happy even if that means he'll be with someone else?  That's how I feel everytime I hear this (K-pop) song - like a sadness blossoming into something beautiful.  I have not loved someone like that yet.  Someone I love so … Continue reading Sweet Sorrow

Not Like The Movies

This is a really good song. Sometimes, we so much want to believe in happy endings but in the end, reality sets in and we just wake up from our sleeping beauty slumber just to realize that no fairy tale exists. At least not in this world...  I'm Your Average Dreamer I'm a True Escapist … Continue reading Not Like The Movies