The Guy Who Weeps

I am at a coffee shop thinking how it sucks that my life is at a pause because of the bar exam.  After 4 years in college, 4 years in law school and another year for my master's degree, I really am done with studying.  I just want to live my life. Then this guy … Continue reading The Guy Who Weeps


It must be my love for thrillers and crime shows that led me to becoming über paranoid. Tonight, I went to CVS and the parking lot was about a third full. There were not a lot of people in the big lot because it was already 9 pm. When I came out of the store, … Continue reading Paranoia

Freeing the Writer Within

LinkedIn recently suggested this group for me to check out and I am glad I did.  It has daily writing prompts that you can think about and maybe write about if you like.  It gives me ideas and motivation to use my keyboard to write more. Today is the first day I've contributed to the group. … Continue reading Freeing the Writer Within