Freeing the Writer Within

LinkedIn recently suggested this group for me to check out and I am glad I did.  It has daily writing prompts that you can think about and maybe write about if you like.  It gives me ideas and motivation to use my keyboard to write more.

Today is the first day I’ve contributed to the group.  The prompt is to write what pleases you:

Make a list of what pleases you, all for yourself, not because anyone else necessarily likes it or thinks you should like it. Now write on one pleasure from your list.

The things that please me most: 
1. My family – I am blessed to have a supportive and loving husband, a well behaved and smart son and an adorable stepdaughter. My parents have supported me through thick and thin and my brothers are just wonderful.

2. My friends – I have a few but I can say they are the ones I can truly count on during my happiest and saddest moments.

3. Autumn – There is something profoundly beautiful about this season – the leaves falling, the cool breeze, gray sky… I like sitting on a bench outside, sipping hot chocolate and just thinking about things.

4. A Good Movie – Nothing makes me more relaxed that watching a good movie. I can watch any genre, from romance to comedy, from family drama to gore. It gets my mind off things and it gives me different perspectives about life.

5. Good Food – I just love eating. Good food is always worth every penny I work hard for.

6. Writing On My Journal – Calendaring and writing random stuff on my journal always brings joy to me. It gives me a feeling that I have a system of sorts, that there’s an aspect in my life that is organized.


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