Today’s Happiness

Today, I am thankful for small and big blessings – the source of my happiness:

  1. New job for Stephen – For almost three months, my husband has been working Friday to Tuesday from 2:30 pm to 11:30 pm.  When he comes home from work, I am in the middle of deep sleep and when I leave, he is in the middle of his.  My Friday is his Monday!  We barely see each other and when we talk, it is usually brief.  We try to have date nights on Thursday nights but most of the time, I am already tired from working all day.  So when a call comes from an executive chef (because somebody has referred him) for a day job with weekends off, I am ecstatic.  Pay is a little higher, benefits are better and schedule is the best, Monday to Friday, 6 am to 2 pm.  I’ve prayed that he gets that job and today, he gets it! Thank you, dear God for answering my prayer.
  2. Coming home today – Today is Thursday and I am coming home to Reisz and Stephen.
  3. Good transition – I am finally able to transfer half my cases to the new case managers and will be able to focus more on the remaining cases I have.
  4. Jollibee – I am having Jollibee chicken joy, palabok and pineapple juice for dinner tonight.
  5. Blogging – Writing has also been such a therapy for me.  It allows me to express what I usually cannot and helps me unload a big chunk of burden I am carrying without having to bother anyone to listen to my sentiments.  It is a way to let my thoughts out loud without fear of being judged. Well, of course, I can still be judged but it doesn’t scare me here.
  6. Friends – I have few but they are the best I can ever have and some are close and most are miles away but they are people I can depend on, no matter what.
  7. The Internet – When I moved to California, I’ve left so many people I love back home and I am happy that despite the distance, we are all just a lick away from each other.
  8. Family – I am thankful that my parents are still together, Edrik has his own beautiful family, Marz will have his own soon and I have my own little crazy, unconventional family of my own.
  9. Smart Phones – I am happy with my iphone 5 because it lets me connect to everything and allows me to take photos of everything that catches my attention.
  10. Prayers – They are the best way to relieve stress.  It’s the best source of happiness when I am down. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Today’s Happiness

    • no_angel says:

      Wahahaha. I thought it was gonna be an easy decision for Stephen but his current job is making a counter offer so now, it’s something we really need to talk about and decide soon.

      • ladyconspiracyblog says:

        Okay good luck bes. Opportunity knocks only once. Sana mapunta c Steph dun sa mbibigyan sya ng time that will coincide with ur sked pr nagkikita kau. It means asset sya ng company kc hinahabol xa

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