Pinay Cali Girl

I miss my home country. Not because I don’t feel at home where I am right now but more because I miss the things and people I cannot bring to my new home, here in Los Angeles.  As a true blooded pinay, I will always say it’s more fun in the Philippines, but LA can be fun too and has it’s merits.

It’s More Fun In The Philippines

This slogan is certainly true in so many aspects.  If I don’t count the Bong Revilla speeches and other political shenanigans that are currently happening in my beloved country, I can certainly say, it’s more fun in the Philippines.  There are just too many reasons why it is, but I will list my top 5:

1. The Philippines is an archipelago composing of 7,107 islands. Needless to say, you will never run short of things to do, beaches to enjoy, islands to explore and food to sample.

2. Filipinos are generally friendly, courteous and hospitable. We are a race that respects and emphatizes. We smile and listen when the people around us need it.

3. The call center boom makes almost everything open 24/7 and offer delivery. I miss having random cravings and it will be available at 11pm or 2am via delivery or drive-thru.

4. Christmas is definitely a season I miss to spend in the Philippines. Our Christmas season starts not on December but on the first -ber month, which is September. I miss the festivities, children knocking on your door to sing christmas carols, bibingka with lots of cheese, puto bungbung with sweet milk, the tiangges, simbang gabe that’s actually at dawn and the list goes on.

5. Life is not easier but people still know how to relax. I go home after a 9 hour shift and I can still find time to have coffee or have breakfast with friends. There seems to be more time to do things in the Philippines aside from just working. When you wake up and go outside, the neighbors are everywhere – chitchatting, gossiping or even singing karaoke. It just feels safer and fun-er that way.

The Golden State

“You can travel the world but nothing comes close to the golden coast…”. California is so much bigger than the Philippines so I have only explored a percentage of it. Having lived here in LA County for four years now, I can pretty much say that California is an incredible place.

1. California is a melting pot of cultures – american, mexican, asian, middle eastern, european… everyone is here and you get to experience it.

2. The weather is beautiful on this side of the world. While the rest of America need to stay indoors because of snow storms, California’s enjoying the sun shine. My personal favorite is autumn. I like seeing the leaves falling and enjoying the soft breeze. I feel a certain sense of beautiful sadness in it.

3. There are also lots of things to experience in California – museums to visit, art exhibits to satisfy your inner artist, wineries to sample wines & cheeses from, cafes with different coffee flavors, cool clubs to dance at, Michelin star restaurants to dine in… These are just things that I randomly think of right now but there are so much more. And the best thing is that they are all within reach. Even people who earn less than minimum wage can go and afford to do all these and more.

4. My favorite holiday is Halloween and it is best spent here in California. Among the many things that I enjoy are theme parks turned into scary parks, costumes, decorated houses, haunted hayrides, costume shops and free candies from trick or treating!

5. Dating is very hard in California. I just think it’s hard to meet someone because everybody’s busy working and doing their own thing. That is why online and speed dating are so popular here. Yet, I met my husband at a train station in LA, of all places, and because of that, California will always have a special place in my heart.


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