My Natural Highs

(if things aren’t going the way i want them to, here are some of the things that make the sad, angry moments bearable) 1. falling in love
2. laughing so hard til my face hurts üüü
3. an almost burning-hot shower on a very cold day
4. hearing my favorite song on the radio just when i am with the guy i love
5. the guy i love singing a song for me (it’s more special if the guy cannot sing!)
6. lying in bed, staring at the ceiling and
7. remembering “our” happy moments
8. walking out of my final interview
9. chocolate or strawberry milkshake
10. giggling with my friends
11. getting a flat 1.0 in any of my subjects (especially if the professor delights himself from failing his students) ü
12. midnight phone calls that last for hours (especially when you’re talking with the guy you’re crushing on or an old friend)
13. backriding in a motorcycle
14. the wind on my face during that ride
15. the guy i like bringing me home
16. hearing my mom’s voice at times when i feel that my whole world is crumbling right in front of my very eyes
17. sweet, unexpected messages
18. sweet dreams
19. swiss chocolate with marshmallows
20. swinging on swings (it brings back childhood memories you never want to forget)
21. watching a good movie with my friends
22. butterflies in my stomach everytime i see the guy i like
23. holding his hand or biting his arm
24. hearing his hello from the other line
25. hanging out at the Sunken Garden
26. dancing all night long
27. singing a song knowing that the peron i’m singing the song for is actually listening
28. reading a just-finished poem
29. laughing with my dad and clowning around with my brothers
30. waking up every morning knowing that God gave me a new day.


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