To Love or To Be Loved

I came across this post in girltalk – “the one who loves me or the one i love?”
When you are just an onlooker, someone who watches from the outside looking in, it is always better to choose that somebody who loves you because you see his/her good qualities that his/her object of affection just couldn’t but if you are the object of affection per se, it always becomes a much harder question to answer.
But if my opinion is to be asked, I’ll go with the one i love. Yes, it will be a very bumpy ride especially because the feelings are not mutual but the thing is hardships are easier to face, sacrifices more willingly done if I am with the person most important to me. It is not important if the whole day is gloomy, what matters is if by the end of the day, I will be wearing a big smile on my face before I sleep. And that smile is because I shared that gloomy day with someone I love.
I don’t know if I made sense. It was just a thought.


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