Puerto Galera

I just came home from Puerto Galera yesterday and boy, did I have a great time. [too bad, my honey wasn’t there]
::the waters with the big waves are great, I can’t remember having so much fun in the beach
::first time with snorkels, I bruised myself with one nasty coral but it was worth it [even with tta gg & tta mhalloy poking into my toes for the coral part that pushed inside my skin, eew!] the blue starfish was breathtaking
::just lying on the sand under a blanket of constellations with jem, junel, kevin & kazel was a nice experience
::videoke even if my voice was almost out of order 🙂
::devoloping and recopying the films [about 20?] would cost me a lot but it’s okay
::i have a nice tan [yeah, i don’t fret about my skincolor no more]
::it was nice bonding with junel, jem & tta gi [we won’t see her for the next 2 years? 😦 ]
::the last night was a blast, disco… and hanging out at miko’s with the gurls plus ian… met new people, both interesting and not-so-worthy ones

i had a great time and i don’t regret having missed an entire week of law classes for it. it was just sad that the puerto thing made me miss my family much more. i wish they were with me to share every happy and scary parts of it all. i miss my mom especially at times when i longed for someone to take care of me, but dropping the sad tone, i know they’re with me, even though they are oceans away. i miss you guys…


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