A Walk To Remember

“Her love is like the wind.  I can’t see it but I know it’s there.”

It is a sad thought that after a lot of waiting and frustrations, we finally meet the one person who makes us complete, who inspires us to be better, just to lose him/her in a few while. The most important thing though is having faith, learning to trust the person whose voice guides us in moments when we are blind. Sometimes, we try to be guides just to discover that the person, whom we thought needed our help, is actually the one who will clear the blocks that hinder us from seeing clearly, the one to take off our blindfold. we all need faith in our lives, to believe that things happen for a greater reason. r

I watched the film and i cried with it. Yes, I am one muchy, sentimental freak who’s just hopelessly romantic. I fell in love with both Landon and Jamie and I guess, I fell for the person sitting beside me, again. While I was crying, he patted my knee then held my hand. i melted. It was nice how he made me feel like it was just okay to cry.


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