There is really a truth behind people saying that one will only discover the importance of someone if he/she loses that person.

For a moment, I thought I would be losing someone. Fear really is such a powerful enzyme that can eat your whole being if you let it. most of the time, it makes people realize a lot of things – important things, actually.

as for me, i learn a few things:
::to appreciate the people around me, those who makes me feel that life is worth living – my family (the envy of a lot of people),jonas (hon, u make being away from my fam bearable), my tita tess and tita monique(my ever kakampis), my college friends esp to raine, chel and raya (u have always been there to listen to my sobs and hiccups), noremiel (u never failed to make me smile),my law kada: esp to ton & rei,jemerikabaccy, and of course, wen(for being you)…
::that life is too short to waste on people and things who/which are useless and senseless…
::that truly loving somebody means enduring a lot of sacrifices and not whining about it…
::that death is inevitable, it is just a matter of time (yet i still fear this the most)…
::that i am the master of my life, i can do what i wanna do as long as it doesn’t bother anybody and is not against the laws of God…
::that there is a lot to say but time passes by too quickly so if there’s something i have to say, i must say before my own moment passes by…





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