Bye, Summer

Summer is over. This is really not my favorite time of the year, it’s not that I hate rainy days, it’s just that there are those things I cannot do when it is raining, like strolling around the park, going to places because the rain makes me lazy to even go to the nearest sari-sari store, etc.
But I do like a few things about rain…
::having a movie marathon at home, watching the old flicks that i just love repeating over and over… Someone like you, Cayote ugly, pretty woman
::having long talks with my girlfriends over the fone because i’m sure they’ll just be at home too
::working on my scrapbook, writing a poem or a short story
::have a pig-out party with my boyfriend or with my next-door-cousin
::be a couch potato
::read a good book or reread Harry potter
::stay in bed all day.


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