He’s Just Not That Into You



I so wanted to read the book but again, did not have the time and leisure to do so. Thanks to those who produced this movie, I was given the opportunity to see it. We waited a few hours, walked a few blocks to and from two movie houses to see this film and as my mom put it – ‘it was so worth all that.’



It was so realistic and almost all the scenes were familiar. As a woman who had been through so much in love and life, I felt like seeing several random episodes of my and/or my friends’ lives. I thought the author of the book was brilliant and did their homework. I especially loved the characters of Alex and Gigi. They were so cute and funny. I am just a sucker for bad-boy-falling-for-the-geeky-girl stories and even though Justin Long [Alex] was never cute in my eyes from watching some of his past movies, I left the theater thinking he was so adorable.



I realized how we [girls], speaking from experience, tend to analyze each and every little thing that guys do for us and how we ball them up in one big conclusion about how they[boys] must like us. And when they didn’t end up showing the interest we were expecting from them, how we and our friends concoct all these ridiculous, sorry excuses why the ‘spark’ did not happen except from the hard truth – that they were not that into us. Sometimes, I would blame Disney for influencing us since we were in our little barbie shoes about how having a prince charming seemed to be our be-all-end-all.


 The movie was a real eyeopener to those who had not woken up from their damsel-in-distress slumber. I was glad to have seen it though it was long and trust me, there was not one boring scene. Even my mom who had very high standards when it comes to comedies kept on gushing about the movie to her friends. I was glad we watched it together. 🙂 Anyway, I’m planning to watch it again in the Philippines. 🙂




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