My Own Lee Min Ho

I want somebody who will go down his knee to tie my shoelaces if I don’t notice that they are untied… somebody I can be really clumsy and silly with and he will still think I’m cute… somebody who will not stay mad at me for a long time because he misses me… somebody who will feel petty arguments are nothing but spices in the relationship… somebody who won’t make me wait and who will make me wanna rush to see him so he won’t need to wait for me… somebody who will hold my hand when all I wanna do is cry my pain out… somebody who will stay by my side on a stormy night because he knows how the cold and the dark make me feel like a little girl… somebody who will make me wanna play video games to be with him… somebody I won’t mind watching all day may he be sleeping, eating or doing whatever fancies him… somebody who will rush to see me when I’m sick and will make me feel like I’m the prettiest girl alive when I’m at my ugliest… somebody who will think I’m not his type but still can’t let me go…

Maybe these are qualities that can only be seen in movies or Korean TV series but I am hoping that somewhere in this big, crazy world, one exists for me… wishful thinking and perhaps a fantasy but hoping for something real, tangible…


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