It is an eventful Monday. My Lee Min Ho has arrived in LAX and I’ve actually considered stalking him if only I have my car today.

But seriously, I think I’m in love. Not with LMH though. I’m in love with that man I’ve met randomly on the train, that one who makes my heart skip a beat everytime he says he loves me, that one who makes me smile when he says ‘Mahal Kita.’

Sometimes, I think about how we’ve gotten here, to this place. But it doesn’t really matter because I’ll gladly go through that bad week again then miss the train and wait for the second one since he’ll be there…


…I missed the first train, stood out in the rain, all day
Little did I know
When I caught the next train, there you were to sweep me away
Guess that’s what I’ve waited for
Never believed that things happened for a reason
But how this turned out, you moved all my doubts, So believe
That for you I’d do it all over again…





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