Why I’m NOT A Receptionist!

First of all, let me start this rant with: I ABSOLUTELY APPRECIATE HOW HARD IT IS TO BE A RECEPTIONIST.  When you are a receptionist, you are the front liner of an office and part of your duties is to  lead the callers to the right person who can help them and you give general information if the person they need are not available.  Unfortunately, a third of all callers they receive are either rude,  impatient or worse, entitled spoiled brats and dealing with these callers is not something I can do calmly.  I just lack that essential virtue of patience.

With all that said, our not-so-new receptionist should also not be a receptionist, not because she is impatient but because she lacks the most important sense of all – COMMON SENSE!  Additionally, she thinks she can call me every 10 seconds to pass callers around. Look, there is a freaking big reason why I do not answer the phone – BECAUSE I HAVE SO MANY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO AND I AM DOWNRIGHT BUSY!!!  So if you call me 3 times for the last 30 seconds, please forgive me if I cannot listen to you rant about people who don’t answer their extensions!  You are disturbing my work and I am not your freaking sounding board or your messenger!  If you can’t find anyone to take the call, don’t make that my problem because to be honest with you, I am done being empathetic.  You have been here long enough to know how to do your job right.  If you can’t then maybe you should not be sitting on that desk as well.


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