A Not So Fairy Tale Wedding

True love is never a fairy tale.  It is about faith in each other, common struggles, commitment, desire to work things through, among many others.  Marriage is definitely not the start of a happily ever after but the beginning of a truer love where you vow to stay with each other through the best and worst times of your life.  Such is this union I bear witness on April 20, 2013 between my dearest friend, Alexis and her now husband, Ricky.

 I fly to New Jersey to be her matron of honor and corroborate this wedding.  I can definitely say that every aspect of this wedding is love – the preparations, ceremony, reception, down to the wedding favors.  We spend two days decorating the restaurant ourselves, baking and decorating the cupcakes, squeezing in dinners with friends and family and making last-minute preparations.  It is indeed both stressful and fun.

 On the day of the event, Murphy’s law is in effect but once the ceremony starts, the opposite happens – all the things we expect will be a mess turns out wonderful.  I am literally in tears when Ricky and Alexis exchange vows.  It is definitely an affair to remember, not just because it turns out to be a beautiful wedding but mostly because of the genuine love between the bride and groom and the people that surround them.

 With this I say, Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Balatbat!

420 wedding 2

420 wedding


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