A Year Ago

When I woke up today, I saw an alert on my phone for today, February 14, 2013, which said:

“Hi babe.  This is your newlywedded husband.  I am writing on the night before our dinner reception.  Tomorrow we are picking up Sophia and your dad and I are cooking.  So you keep saying ‘it’s a big day go to sleep, it’s a big day.’  Just wanted you to know I love you.  I love you now, this very moment which for you is a year in our future and the moment for me is a year in your past.  I will always and forever love you and honor you and I promise to keep you and Reisz and Sophia safe with all my strength.”


February 17, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day my love.  May your heart always find shade.</blockquote>

He wrote this a year ago on my phone for me to see today.  It is indeed a day of love and I know that despite my “kasungintan” and “kamalditahan,” he will always love me and I will never be alone.  I love you, babe.


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