Made His Momma Proud

Tonight I met Reiszn’s 3rd grade school teacher for the first time. When we entered the classroom, she first saw Reisz and she told him she was glad that Reisz made it. When she saw me she reached out and gave me a hug and said, “Your son is a wonderful boy, very respectful, nice, smart… He is perfect.”

I almost didn’t know what to say and just thanked her for all the guidance she has been giving Reisz and for her kind words. I also told her that I was so glad to have finally met her and she told me how Reisz told her that I work hard and my work place was far so it was hard for me to attend most of his school activities. She probably saw how that really touched me, knowing my son talked about me like that so I thanked her again and before I left, she said, “Whatever it is you are doing to raise that kid, just keep doing it because both you and Reisz are doing a good job.”

I’m one proud momma.



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