Mean Girl

So my husband told me last night to stop being mean and I pondered on this before I slept last night.  I came to the realization that he was right.  When I really wanted to, I could be so bad.  It was like a skill I harnessed all these years.  I could intuitively pick up on things that could hurt most and just throw it your way when the time was right and I would mean every word too.    Not that I was proud of it but I learned it from all the hurtful experiences I’d gone through my entire life.  I had been through a lot of heartaches and I guessed this was just my way of making sure nobody would step on me if I could help it.

Stephen said I should start propagating positivity and I jokingly told him, that was what I was doing by being mean because I was eliminating the negativity around me by forcing them to leave my circle.  Anyway, these were just some of my thoughts before I went to dream land and when I woke up in my husband’s embrace, I knew that he loved (loves) me for me – mean girl and all.




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