What Makes Real Friends

Like I have said so many times, I have a few friends but they are the best I can ever pray for. I am very picky when it comes to new friends because at 34, I want to be committed to these friendships. Like any other type of relationship, I like to make sure my friendships will last. So what qualities make real friends?

1.  Likeness – There has to be some similarities whether it be love for coffee, alcohol, movies, people watching or doing nothing, there just has to be a common ground. I have a specific friend whose personality is so different from mine that other people wonder why we are friends. However, what they don’t know is that we share a mutual likeness for watching koreanovela and gory films and then talking about it later over coffee.

2.  Mutual Respect – Every smart person knows that respect is earned and real friends respect each other. They know when they need to be quiet and give you privacy or when they should shake you back to your senses. My friends give me advice whether solicited or not but they respect my decision even if they don’t agree with it.

3.  Fun – Real friends have fun with each other even when they are doing the most stupid or the craziest things.

4.  Dependability – I am the type of friend that doesn’t mind to be woken up in the middle of the night when a friend is in trouble because I believe that true friends can depend on each other – for time, for an honest advice, for a listening ear and sometimes when life is tough, even for money.

5.  Like Family – There is a saying that you can’t choose your family but friends are family that you choose for yourself. My real friends are like my family. I love and treat them like I do a family member because I believe in that saying and they are the people I choose to be part of my family.

6.  Acceptance – This is one of the most important quality of real friends – they accept each other for what they are or are not. They don’t judge each other for the mistakes their friends make or their past.

7.  Generosity – True friends share and are not afraid to do so whether it may be material things, knowledge, opinion, etc. And they bring out the generous person in you as well.

8.  Thoughtfulness – True friends think about you, worry about you and let you know that they do in their small ways. I told my friend I lost my makeup brushes and the next time I saw her, she got me a start-up set. This is a small gesture to some but for me, things like these make the friendship real.

9.  Shares your humor – My real friends laugh at the same things I find funny even if they are so mundane. I share the same type of humor and sarcasm with them that most of the time, one look at each other makes us burst from laughing.

10.  Inspiring – Real friends inspire you. You see the goodness in them and makes you want to be good too. They make you want to better yourself, your craft, your life.



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