It is an eventful Monday. My Lee Min Ho has arrived in LAX and I’ve actually considered stalking him if only I have my car today. But seriously, I think I’m in love. Not with LMH though. I’m in love with that man I’ve met randomly on the train, that one who makes my heart … Continue reading Again


Worse to Worst

Last night, everything went from worse to better.  Jonas and I talked.  Actually, we didn't talk much about our issues.  I was happy, I guess. Though I was pretty traumatized. I never imagined it will come to that. That he can do such thing out of distrust. I don't know maybe, things happened for a … Continue reading Worse to Worst

His Mom’s Birthday

tomorrow is my honey's mom's birthday but we celebrated today. i and kate (his older bro's gf) were the only ones outside the immediate family circle. it was pretty touching, felt like i was part of the family. we ate at this chinese restaurant in binondo. the food was nice but the service was below … Continue reading His Mom’s Birthday