A Conversation With My 13 Year Old.

Driving with my teenage son from Pomona to Long Beach has its perks - conversations that we have not been able to have due to our living situations. He tells me about his week during the one hour drive and I get to see the kind of person he is growing up to be. He … Continue reading A Conversation With My 13 Year Old.


Gone. Gone. Gone.

I will never have my site hosted by unreliable hosts.  I have just barely transferred 3 years of blog entries when the server hosting my site crashed.  I have been receiving weekly back-ups from said server but it turns out those were just back-ups of my uploaded photos and plug-ins and not the articles I … Continue reading Gone. Gone. Gone.

Worse to Worst

Last night, everything went from worse to better.  Jonas and I talked.  Actually, we didn't talk much about our issues.  I was happy, I guess. Though I was pretty traumatized. I never imagined it will come to that. That he can do such thing out of distrust. I don't know maybe, things happened for a … Continue reading Worse to Worst