What is this?

It seems like my world is crumbling down right in front of my eyes yet I can't do anything about it. My boyfriend is leaving me, some of my friends are giving me the cold shoulder, I don't like going to school, I hate the assistant of my boss...


It's my grandfather's birthday today and I went to where he lives to greet him and so I had no choice but to see my grandma as well. It went okay though at first, I felt like a ballon that was about to burst. She said, I am too independent and that I don't need … Continue reading Lola



after a month of preparing and waiting for the day of our vacation to boracay island, it was cancelled. Cancelled because jonas's mom has been in and out of the hospital as i am writing this. i know it is nobody's fault, not mine, not jonas's but i can't help but feel disappointed because i … Continue reading Cancelled