A Year Ago

When I woke up today, I saw an alert on my phone for today, February 14, 2013, which said: "Hi babe.  This is your newlywedded husband.  I am writing on the night before our dinner reception.  Tomorrow we are picking up Sophia and your dad and I are cooking.  So you keep saying 'it's a … Continue reading A Year Ago

Carrie-d Away

  And so the critics were wrong. I was not really anticipating the showing of this movie except for the part that I would be hanging out with my best girls. The reviews were all saying how bad the movie was and what a waste of money it would be for moviegoers who were just … Continue reading Carrie-d Away


So a dozen days had gone since I left Manila and not a single day passed by that I did not wish I could have taken several people with me. Actually, just a single person to have taken with me would have sufficed. It would definitely make the brown edges of the grass wither away … Continue reading </3