Real Couples. True Love.

I am writing this because this morning, I have been really happy for my good friend, Jed.  He has just gotten married and it inspires me to know how two people have been together for barely nine months and in a long distance relationship, yet they have been nothing but sure of their commitment to each other.  It’s a testimony that love knows no time and no gender, as I may add.   I hope I could have been there to attend the marriage ceremony and witness the solemnity as they vow to love each other for the rest of the lives.  But since I am here, thousands of miles away, I just wish Jed and Arvin a blissful and peaceful life ahead of them.

Writing these now, I’ve thought of several couples whose relationships I continue to pray and aspire for.  I’m happy that there are just so many of them that I can think of but the following are my top 7:

Raya and Blue – They’ve met in college and I remember, they’ve loved even before meeting each other because their love has blossomed through text and phone calls and look at them now – married and blessed with little Mojo.

Jen and Marciano – This one is a love developed through time.  He is in California, she is in the Philippines.  It hasn’t been an easy journey but five years of friendship and patience, now they are a lovely couple who plans, hopes and dreams together.

Aebby and Dennis – This couple is a testament that true marriage means being together through everything – easy and hard times, happiness and misery, love and hate… It is indeed a “til death do us apart.”  Amidst all the challenges that has come their way, they’ve faced and braved it.  Together.

Tita Gale and Tito Norms – I just so love this couple.  They are proof that if you really love each other, you can go against the world and then eventually, the world will see that strength and will love you back.  Now blessed with 2 kids, 4 including my aunt’s from her first marriage, they continue to remind me that there is always hope, if you have faith.

Lola Mama and Lolo Papa – My grandfather has had Alzheimer’s and my lola has taken care of him up to his last breath.  It has been entertaining to see them bicker and then make up after a short while.  They’ve had a good life, a good marriage and it puts a smile on my face every time I would think about how they’ve loved each other. 

Momy and Dady – Yes, I may be biased because they are my parents.  However, being a constant audience to their cat and dog show makes me believe that love is there.  It is not in its usual lovey-dovey form but it is there, nevertheless – standing strong for 33 years.

Lola Gigi and Lolo Estoy – I have said this before, I have never seen anything more tragic than seeing my grandfather cry when my lola passed away.  This is true love at its grandest.  Several decades of marriage, 9 children, 9 children-in -law, 32 grandchildren, 2 grandchildren-in-law and 4 great-grandchildren just made the love even stronger.  I’ve seen them fight, joke around and take care of each other.  I’ve seen them cry and worry for each other when the other have been ill and this kind of relationship, love is what I pray for – the kind that stays til my dying day.

So if you are single, do not lose hope.  Love will find its way to you in the most unusual forms, ways or places.  Who knows, you might just find it at the library, at the hole-in-the-wall coffee shop or maybe, just maybe, on the train. 🙂


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